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Rug Cleaning London

We clean rugs using the Knowledge of the east combined with the technology of the west.

We provide FREE:

    • Pick up and delivery
    • Deodorising and disinfection
    • Colour restoration on fringes


Cleaning Services (London)

Regular Price (ft2)
Machine made synthetic rugs £0.82/ft2
Machine made wool rugs £1.02/ft2
Hand tufted wool rugs  £1.30/ft2
Hand tufted silk rugs  £1.67/ft2
Handmade wool rugs  £1.75/ft2
Handmade wool and silk rugs  £2.12/ft2
Silk on silk rugs  Get free quote
Antique rugs  Get free quote
Pick up and delivery,
Deodorising and disinfection,
Colour restoration on fringes

15 % Discount on all orders above 10m2 / 107ft2 (valid only on regular price)

Hand Made Services (London)

Regular Price (ft2) Regular Price (m2)
Handmade fringe repair £45/ft £147/m
Handmade side repair £12/ft £39/m
Holes Repair, Moth Damage,
Dry Rot and Color restoration
 Get free quote
Pick up and delivery Free

15 % Discount on all orders above 10m2 / 107ft2


  • Easy way to have a quote for repair is to send us photos of the problem to this email:
  • Any other repair on handmade rugs will be quote after evaluation.
  • Minimum charge is £50.00
  • 15 % Discount on all orders above 10m2 / 107ft2
  • There are no extra charges to prices


Terms and conditions:

  • The received carpets are considered used and insured.
  • We have no liability for the deterioration of colours or defect.
  • In case of loss or damage, liability is limited to 3 times the price charged for the cleaning service agreed for the said item.
  • The customer understands that additional parking and congestion charges may apply.
  • All carpet cleaning orders are subject to £50 minimum call out charge.

Our know-how

Oriental Rugs
Persian Rugs
Pakistani Rugs
Afghan Rugs
Turkish Rugs
Indian Rugs
Chinese Rugs
Antique Rugs
Tribal Rugs
Navajo Rugs
Turkmen Bukhara Rugs
Modern Rugs
Tabriz Rugs
Sarouk Rugs
Ziegler Rugs
Isfahan Rugs
Ushak Rugs
Goum Rugs

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