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Rug Cleaning London

Rugs improve and increase in value – with use, age and proper care. Colours soften, the wool pile grows polished and lustrous. Even the nicks and stains on old rugs accumulate and add character. For at least a hundred years, rug sellers have devised ways to simulate an old-rug look in new rugs. It is very important to many people to get just the right look in their homes, especially people with good taste.
The generally known used methods of antiquing rugs range from harmless to nearly fatal.

Art Clean has developed techniques that give to a brand new rug the soft and subtle time patina of a naturally aged antique rug, avoiding reducing rug life.
• Traditional sunbath colour aging (long exposure to direct sunlight).
• Special treatments for focused or complete colour aging (chemical rug-friendly baths)
• Silver wash or Gold wash antiquing treatment