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Rug Cleaning London

Restoring the original colours on rugs on which dyes, due to improper cleaning, have spread all over the rug pile or have coloured their neighbouring areas, is possible.
After long research in the reaction between natural, vegetable or synthetic dyes and different chemicals we have developed methods capable to remove the undesirable dyes and reveal the original colours.

This chemical method is applied either on the whole rug, or in focused areas.
• Very efficient treatment with rugs that seem destroyed from improper cleaning.
• Restores the colour contrast of the rug.
• When applied on new rugs the treatment adds stability and prolongs the life of rug colors.
• Is accenting the Abrash effect (the beautiful colour variation known as «Abrash» results from differences in the dyeing process. It produces differing colour patterns, various shades or hues. These variations may appear as horizontal bars, but other shapes of colour variation are possible.)