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Rug Cleaning London

Some categories of rugs are exhibiting several problems, often accentuated by normal cleaning. Some dyes may dissolve in water or detergent. They also may be sensitive to colour bleeding and the formation of water spots, ring marks or perspiration stains. Colour bleeding is more of a problem with dark colours than with pastels.
Made of protein, silk is susceptible to abrasion, yarn slippage, sunlight damage, discoloration, and can show texture changes.
In Art Clean, we have the experience to distinguish which rugs have to be cleaned with dry cleaning procedures.
• Dry rug cleaning or VLM (very low moisture) rug cleaning is relying on dry compounds.
• It is necessary when we deal with highly sensitive rugs such as silk rugs, rugs dyed with unstable natural dyes (as tea or coffee), antique worn rugs, etc.
• Special dry cleaning is also applied to coconut carpets.
• No petrochemicals or toxic chemicals are used in our cleaning process.